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Optical glass manufacturing industry in the first three quarters of sales growth soared nearly 70%

2015/12/14      view:
           From the China Machinery Industry Federation was informed that this year from 1 to September, optical glass manufacturing industry sales growth of more than 14, the 65% sub sectors in the instrument and meter industry in the lead. Data show that the average growth rate of the instrument industry in 30%.
           According to the Machinery Industry Federation, the latest release of the instrument and meter industry production and operation letters, from 1 to September, the national total industrial output value of the instrument and meter industry, an increase of 30.77%; the completion of the sales value of more yuan, an increase of 29.64%.
           The industry believes that the optical glass industry is a big part of the reason for the rapid development of capacitive touch screen market. According to market research firm Gartner analysis, smart phones, tablet PCs and 3D TVs and other products in the next few years, the annual growth rate will be more than 50%, capacitive touch screen will become the most direct beneficiaries of the rapid development of the industry.