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Quartz glass market demand driven quartz sand and production line development

2015/12/14      view:
         In recent years, the national economic development, the provinces and cities to speed up the pace of construction, real estate development, construction of affordable housing, etc. are required to continue to support the glass industry, in particular, is a hot glass. With the increase of building energy saving policies, improve the management standard and standardization of building glass industry, the level of science and technology, energy-saving glass, safety glass and green glass will shine in the future construction, played a greater and greater effect.
         Quartz glass properties
         Silica glass is a kind of amorphous material, and its microstructure is a pure network composed of silica structure. The Si-O chemical bonds can be very compact, the structure is compact, the quartz glass has a very low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation, low and stable performance. In particular, the optical properties of transparent quartz glass are excellent, and the continuous wavelength range of ultraviolet to infrared radiation has excellent transmission ratio. Quartz sand and quartz glass is an important raw material, in the glass industry, the demand for large, quartz sand production machinery industry has become a new profit highlights.
         The quartz glass adopts high purity silica as raw material, the traditional method of making the melt quenching method (material to be heated to the melting temperature, and then quickly cooled to solid glass phase); the production of transparent glass ultra high purity and UV transmittance to silicon vaporization, oxidized silicon oxide and two heating dissolution process. Due to the variety, process, raw materials, often called the silica glass, quartz glass, fused silica, fused quartz, synthetic fused silica, as well as no clear concept of transparent, translucent, opaque quartz, etc.. China's collectively known as quartz glass, multi process method, purpose and appearance to classification, such as electric melting and transparent quartz glass, fused silica glass, quartz glass, quartz glass, quartz glass, quartz glass, quartz glass, glass, electric light source.
        Development history
        Quartz glass has a history of over 160 years in foreign countries, in 1839 the French first used the oxyhydrogen flame melting quartz quartz glass manufacturing, in 1902 the British electricity obtained using high temperature graphite rods (called single rod manufacturing quartz glass electric melting furnace), twentieth Century 40's invention of the electric melting furnace even, the 50's along with the development of semiconductor technology and new power source (the urgent need of a large number of quartz glass, quartz glass) developed rapidly. Because the production technology of quartz glass is very difficult, until now, there are only the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Britain, China and so on.
        The research of quartz glass in our country began in 1957, and it is a blank in the people's Republic of China. 1956 national development plan for 12 years, requires the development of national defense urgent need to focus on 57 key research tasks, to solve the two bomb a star with a new high performance materials for the study of atomic bombs, missiles, man-made satellite material preparation. Quartz glass is the twenty-sixth and fortieth tasks specified in the task, the task is issued to the National Institute of building materials.