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Energy saving clothes - insulating glass paint

2015/12/14      view:
        The glass as a wall, by the professional staff of the paint directly coated on the glass, 20 minutes later, 99% and 85% of the ultraviolet infrared will be away from the interior space, the summer indoor temperature will drop 2 to 5 DEG C, air conditioning cooling effect is enhanced in the help of energy-saving glass, thereby reducing the temperature loss to the house in the use of the. From July this year, this is named as the shield of transparent insulation glass coating has been successively in the Crowne Plaza Park View Wuzhou Beijing, hotel, etc., in twenty-first Century, the use of high - building.
        This is a colorless and transparent coating of water in the coating is mixed in a certain proportion, the coating thickness is 12 ~ 8 m, visible light transmittance is 75%, the part of the coating has spectral selectivity, and the effect of heat preservation is achieved by the outside of the ultraviolet and infrared.
Construction process requirements
        Market price of 80 ~ 120 yuan per square metre (single surface) of the nano shield thermal insulation glass coating construction costs accounted for 40% of the total, must be through professional training process engineer. "Research and construction process than the study of the cost of the coating." Shenzhen duona technology limited company official Peng Aoxiang said.
Sales oriented enterprises with his company in 2002 just before an insulating glass film import and export trade, the "glass insulating glass film import price is relatively high, at 200 per square metre to 300 yuan, was mainly used for automobile windshield glass, used in construction is still relatively small." According to Peng Aoxiang, was not used to brush glass insulating glass film coating, but the insulation effect of architectural glass has attracted market attention, and they focus on glass coating also began.
        At that time, Japan has two companies developed the insulating glass coating are similar, solvent, raw material composition is different, one of the patents sold to a Malaysia paint company. Japanese companies are given the price of 220 ~ 170 yuan per square meter, while Malaysia's company per square meter reached 300 yuan.
        "The reason is that the solvent based coatings with respect to the water, the high material costs, the construction technology is also different." Peng Aoxiang explained. And the two companies of the product is not yet a large area in the domestic construction use.
        Is considered to be environmentally friendly building materials nano shield insulating glass coating real time available in October last year, Donne company's sales staff to bring them to the various related exhibition "warm up", and in May this year in the country launched its market network. And the national related policies on the construction of energy-efficient guide in Peng Aoxiang seems to be the development of the glass shield.
       Energy saving
       Peng Aoxiang admits, as in the beginning from the point of view of cost control into the field of glass coatings, the low cost of shield thermal insulation glass coating is the main driving force of its market competitiveness. They give the market plan for the glass paint listed in the market is "to seek diversified cooperation". "In three aspects, one is the existing building energy-saving glass to upgrade in the construction details and a need to double brush paint problems will involve the cost of upgrading; the second is to cooperate with the real estate developers, before the new building will be the installation of glass walls, the construction cost would be reduced; the third is to cooperate with glass deep-processing enterprises in production, while the company itself has doner glass products."
      However, the shield insulating glass coating is not without shortcomings, such as it is not applicable to all the reflective glass, silver plated glass basic is not available; the limitations of waterborne coating hardness may be shortened for 10 years of life, because it must adapt to the expansion and contraction to avoid cracking of glass. "These shortcomings are not in conflict with the energy saving principle of insulating glass coatings." Peng Aoxiang so stressed.