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Optical glass requires explanation during production

         Optical glass has stable optical properties and high optical uniformity. It is an inorganic glassy material that transmits light through refraction, reflection, transmission, or changes the intensity or spectral distribution of light through absorption. The raw materials of optical glass are some oxides, hydroxides, nitrates and carbonates, and according to the requirements of the formulation, phosphates or fluorides are introduced. In order to ensure the transparency of glass, the content of coloring impurities, such as iron, chromium, copper, manganese, cobalt, nickel, etc., must be strictly controlled. When ingredients are required, accurate weighing and uniform mixing are required.

         Machinable range of optical glass components:

         Material: all kinds of flint glass, ultraviolet fused silica, infrared fused silica, high borosilicate and other optical glass

         Outer circle: 1mm - 1000mm, the typical accuracy is 0.01mm

         Shape: plano-convex lens, plano-concave lens, biconvex lens, biconcave lens, optical dome, cemented lens, hyperboloid lens, off-axis, special-shaped lens.


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