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Classification and characteristics of UV glass

        UV glass is divided into three types: ZWB3, ZWB2, and ZWB1 according to the different components, and the corresponding foreign models are UG5, UG1, and UG11. The color of UV glass is black, and the transmittance to 400~700nm is very low. In the ultraviolet region, it shows different spectral transmission curves according to different models.

        Long-wave UV glass UV-A, with wavelengths between 320nm-400nm, has strong penetrating ability and can penetrate glass. The ultraviolet energy in this band is equivalent to most chemical bonds, and it is easy to induce photochemical reactions. It is usually used for light Cured is UV-A.

Medium-wave ultraviolet glass UV-B, the wavelength is between 280nm-320nm, the penetrating power is weak, and the glass has strong absorption for it. Sunlight is rich in UV-A and UV-B.

Short-wave UV glass UV-C, the wavelength is between 200nm-280nm, the ozone layer has a strong absorption for it, so the UV-C in sunlight is absorbed by the ozone layer before it reaches the ground, and UV-C is very harmful to living organisms. It can kill bacteria and viruses, so it is often used for disinfection.

        UV glass is divided into: UV black glass and UV colorless transparent glass.

        Ultraviolet black glass has good ultraviolet transmission. The products are divided into long-wave ultraviolet-transmitting glass and short-wave ultraviolet-transmitting glass. The transmission wavelengths are: 254nm\310nm\365nm. This kind of glass can filter out visible light at the same time.

        UV colorless transparent glass is a colorless cut-off glass with a wavelength range of 220NM-380NM and a transmittance greater than or equal to 89.5%.


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