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Explain the advantages of color filters

        Color Filters Color filters pass, limit and block all kinds of light. Color filters are optical elements that selectively pass light of a certain wavelength, usually made of colored optics or colored chemical films. The color filter has a simple structure and is widely used. When using it, install it in front of the lens or behind the lens, and use it to adjust the tone and contrast of the scene, so that the tone of the scene captured by the lens is similar to the degree felt by human eyes. a specific artistic effect. It is widely used in photographic creation, printing plate making and various technical photography.

        Color filters have the following functions:

      Adjust the contrast to accentuate the subject. In the practice of photography, tonal contrast is often used to achieve the purpose of highlighting the subject. For example, when the tones of the subject and the background are similar and difficult to distinguish, a filter of the same color as the subject can be added to make the subject brighter in the photo, so as to achieve a clear difference in tones between the subject and the background.

       Adjust the tone to enhance the artistic expression of the picture. The color filter can be used to adjust the tone of the photo. Selecting the appropriate filter under a certain light can shoot the artistic effect you want to express. Especially when shooting landscape films, reasonable selection of various filters can get pictures with different tones.

       Adjust the color temperature to suit the color temperature requirements of the photosensitive film. When shooting with color photosensitive film, especially when shooting with color reversal film, the requirements for color temperature of color film are very strict. If the color temperature of the shooting site is inconsistent with the color temperature of the photographic film, the color balance will be destroyed. When the color temperature is high, the photo is bluish, and when the color temperature is low, the photo is yellowish. If you shoot with color negative film, you can also adjust it in post-production in the darkroom. If you shoot with reversal film, once the color cast is caused by the inappropriate color temperature, there is nothing you can do. Therefore, the use of different color filters under different color temperature conditions (the color balance color temperature filter is a special color filter) is the guarantee for the color balance of the photosensitive film during color photography.


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